*Pilates Pride*


My Background

My athletic background has been gymnastics and dance, competitive running and martial arts. I started teaching kids Gymnastics when I was only 14. Pilates can be very beneficial for children and teens as it teaches the mind and body how to focus and coordinate. Imbalances will begin to strengthen and alignment issues can be corrected, (knock-knee, pigeon toed, bad posture etc).  I taught Aerobics and created a Walking class at Cal State University of Los Angeles. I based my grades on the students journaling their exercise experience, which I still recommend for everyone; it is an instant tracking method.

I learned what my Core actually is, through my education of the classical method of Pilates. I always give my students the gift of true Core.

I have had Chronic Neck/T-Spine pain for the past 16 years and because I am constantly strengthening my Core, I have stayed healthier than ever before and my neck has longer periods of feeling good!

About Me

Alexis Eleniak

I became a Pilates Technique Certified Instructor in 2011, (info at JosephPilates.com), and am fully certified on all equipment for all levels. My certification is recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance and have been credentialed with PMA-CPT, Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher. 

Classical style 

Pilates has become a way of life.

I am more aware of posture, movement and breathing. Everything I do is complete with Core as my primary focus.

*I also teach proper Core.

Which is the Core Education without the Pilates. Go to:  corealacarte.com 

to learn your Core all by itself.